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Outsmarting Squirrels: A Proactive Approach To Squirrel Control In Dover

grey squirrel eating on the grass

Squirrels are fun animals to watch when they’re outside on your lawn or in your trees. These playful creatures always seem to be moving and it’s interesting to see what they’ll do next. However, if they get into your house, you’ll likely feel much less enthusiastic about their presence on your property. Knowing how to outsmart squirrels starts with taking a proactive approach to squirrel control and squirrel removal in Dover.

Squirrel Behavior And Biology: Insights For Effective Control

There are a few types of squirrels in the Dover area, but the ones you’re most likely to see around your yard are gray squirrels and flying squirrels. Gray squirrels have gray fur with light underbellies. They are fairly large, growing up to 20 inches long if you include their bushy tails.

Flying squirrels are smaller than gray squirrels, growing up to 11 inches long. They tend to have reddish-brown fur. Flying squirrels don’t actually fly, but they do glide. They have flaps of skin between their front and back legs that they can stretch out like a parachute as they jump from one place to another.

While squirrels are typically happy to live outdoors, they may find their way into your house in the fall as they search for a warm space to spend the cold winter months. Once inside, they won’t be particularly interested in finding a new place to live. If they nest inside, their numbers will increase as they produce young in your home.

The Impact Of Squirrels On Attics And Roofs

Controlling squirrels around your property is important because if they get into your house, they will do a lot of damage. They will leave waste products all over the place. This not only damages the areas where they nest, but can also release harmful pathogens into your house that could make your family sick. 

Squirrels will also damage your house by chewing on things. Electrical wiring can be damaged, pipes can spring leaks, and insulation can get destroyed from a squirrel infestation. Not only do these things cost a lot of money to repair, but they can also be dangerous. Damaged wiring can start fires, and damaged pipes can cause flooding, leading to mold growth. 

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Squirrels Around Your Home

Pest control for squirrels starts with squirrel prevention. Although you may not be able to keep squirrels off your property entirely, you can make your Dover home and property a place that is not particularly attractive to squirrels. These five tips can help:

  1. Remove outdoor food sources. Bird seed, trees with fruit, seeds, nuts, and even pet food will all attract squirrels. 
  2. Remove outdoor water sources. Make sure your gutters stay clean and eliminate areas of excess moisture.
  3. Store your garbage bins well away from your house, and make sure they have tightly-fitting lids.
  4. Seal entry points into your house. Cap your chimney, cover vents, and fix holes squirrels could use to get inside.
  5. Cut back tree limbs that touch your house or are close to it. Squirrels can more easily gain access to your house if they can jump from a branch onto your roof.

Enacting these prevention tips will help you steer clear of a squirrel infestation.

Contact The Experts Today For The Best Squirrel Prevention And Control

If you have been hearing squirrels running through your attic, contact Dependable Pest Solutions. To get rid of squirrels in Dover safely and completely, we provide humane services done by highly trained professionals. Our squirrel removal services also include exclusion, so you won’t have to worry about another infestation occurring.

Squirrel pest control from Dependable Pest Solutions is your best choice for total squirrel removal and prevention. Let our knowledgeable and friendly pest management professionals provide you with peace of mind. Contact us today.