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Help! There Are Bees On My Dover Property

bumble bee on a tree

Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains is the thriving community of Dover, New Hampshire. This town's scenic waterfront parks and miles of bike trails make it a charming sight to behold. The unique blend of mountain flora and ocean breezes makes it an exceptional destination. One group of flying insects that love the plants and flowers in this region are bees. With their insatiable desire for nectar, bees in the area may become frequent visitors to Dover yards, making bee control necessary.

Why Are Bees So Important?

Because bees are stinging insects, many people are less than enthusiastic when they visit their homes. In reality, people should thank the bees of their region because they provide humans with a valuable service. Bees are pollinators. As bees bounce from one plant to another to gather sweet nectar, they gather pollen from flowers and plants on their legs and body. The pollen they've collected gets deposited onto other plants, fertilizing them. Fertilization allows seeds within plants to develop into new plants. 

A bee's pollination service helps provide one-third of the foods people and animals consume; foods (honey) and honeycomb also benefit mankind. There is little doubt that bees play a vital role in keeping our ecosystem balanced, yet their arrival to our properties can cause much distress. When bees get too close for comfort around area yards, you'll need bee control in Dover from professionals like Dependable Pest Solutions.

Why Are There Bees Hanging Around My Yard?

All types of bees need sweet and sustaining food sources, water, and shelter. When yards or homes provide for these basic needs, homeowners could experience excessive bees around their yards.

Here are four attractions that lure bees to Dover yards:

  1. Colorful flowers (petals on flowers lure bees)
  2. Fragrances (flowers, herbs, fruit, perfumes, sweat)
  3. Water (pet bowls, ponds, clogged gutters, standing water, bird feeders)
  4. Softwoods, voids, holes in yards

Whether the bees around your property are social (honey bees and bumble bees) or solitary (carpenter bees and sweat bees), too many can lead to issues in your yard and inside local homes. At Dependable Pest Solutions, our pest management professionals can help homeowners identify bee attractions and recommend products and prevention measures that can help reduce their presence around yards.

Five Tips To Prevent Bees Around Your Home

The best way to prevent bees around Dover homes is taking a proactive approach to bee prevention. Identifying attractants and using simple tips to deter them can do much to reduce bee populations around your yard. Try these for starters:

  1. Plant less visually attractive flowers and plants (the more vibrant, the more bees).
  2. Avoid planting especially sweet-smelling flowers and fruits.
  3. Remove yard debris that bees can use as shelter.
  4. Eliminate standing water or water ornamentals in yards.
  5. Keep trash receptacles clean; use bins with tight-fitting lids.

Bees are "free spirits" that glide through the air, looking for the sweet stuff they crave. They don't mean to cause trouble, but a significant presence around yards can make people feel uncomfortable and unsafe. With Dependable Pest Solutions' bee pest control options, homeowners can rest easy knowing we can help reduce bee visits.

The Best Call To Make About Bees In Your Yard

When bees in your yard seem out of control, the best call to make is to Dependable Pest Solutions. Established in 2007, our family-run, woman-owned company has made it our goal to provide honest and trustworthy pest control solutions to the residents of Dover. Our reputation for high integrity, customer satisfaction, and dependability make us the area's safest, most efficient, and most effective company to administer pest control for bees. Are you having bee troubles? Call Dependable Pest Solutions today for professional bee control services in Dover.