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Occasional Invader Identification & Prevention

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What are occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders are outdoor insects and arthropods that periodically enter houses due to an extreme weather event or a change in season. These pests will try to enter homes to overwinter when temperatures decrease in the fall. Stink bugs, pill bugs, crickets, centipedes, earwigs, fleas, and mites are pests that periodically infest houses.

Are occasional invaders dangerous?

Most occasional invaders entering houses are more of a nuisance than a dangerous threat. Pill bugs on the carpet and stink bugs clinging to dining room curtains are more of an annoyance and embarrassment than an actual threat. However, that is not to say that occasional invaders do not cause problems. Some insects release an odor when squished, make annoying sounds, stain furniture, or harm houseplants.

Another reason removal of occasional invaders is necessary is they can attract other insects like cockroaches and spiders. Cockroaches can spread many diseases to the inhabitants and create allergy issues for those in the house. Spiders may bite, and if the spider is a black widow or brown recluse, serious medical problems may occur.

Of the occasional invader pests that invade homes, fleas have the potential to be dangerous. Fleas can spread murine typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia. They can also spread tapeworms and trigger dermatitis in pets.

Why do I have an occasional invader problem?

Occasional invaders enter homes searching for food, water, and shelter due to long, dry, or wet periods or a season change. These pests are inside because they have found entry points in your foundation, between incoming pipes and wires, outdoor utility boxes, and holes in window and door screens. Another way some pests travel into your home is by hitchhiking on animals and clothing.

Where will I find occasional invaders?

Occasional invaders live near food sources. For example, fleas stay in areas close to a pet or human host. They hide in the carpet, furniture, bedding, and on animals. Because mites feed on dander, they also live in these same areas. Some occasional invaders dwell near water sources. Earwigs, centipedes, and pill bugs are fond of crawl spaces, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas that tend to be damp or humid.

How do I get rid of occasional invaders?

If you find overwintering pests inside your house, use a vacuum to remove them; empty the contents into a sealable bag and place it in a closed outdoor container. Some insects and arthropods release an unpleasant odor when crushed, so use a vacuum to remove them.

The best way to get rid of occasional invaders in Dover is to partner with Dependable Pest Solutions. When we inspect your property, we will identify entry points, attractants, and hot spots used by these pests. Drawing on our extensive experience, we will create a strategic plan to eliminate the problematic creatures plaguing your home.

How can I prevent occasional invaders in the future?

The best way to stop occasional invaders from entering your house is to deter them from living on your property. Routine home pest control can also ensure these pests stay gone for good! Prevention tips for occasional invaders include the following:

  • Remove yard debris.
  • Provide drainage to ditches, puddles, and low-lying areas.
  • Promote airflow to the soil around your house by pruning shrubs.
  • Seal cracks, gaps, and holes in the foundation.
  • Install door sweeps on exterior doors.
  • Repair holes in window and door screens.

These actions deter potential overwintering pests from living in the yard and eventually invading your house.