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Bed Bug Control In Dover, NH & Surrounding Areas

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You Don't Have To Let The Bed Bugs Bite

It can feel overwhelming to discover bed bugs in your home or business. These bugs hide in cracks, crevices, and voids and are hard to track down. If you attempt to get rid of bed bugs on your own, you can find yourself feeling even more overwhelmed. Bed bug control in Dover is rarely straightforward. These pests have a knack for avoiding treatments and can drive you crazy as you attempt to locate and eliminate them. Fortunately, you don't have to battle bed bugs on your own or let "the bed bugs bite." We have a dependable solution to address your bed bug infestation. Our pest management professionals use a multi-pronged process to ensure no bed bugs remain in your home or business. We use industry-leading methods to inspect your property, appropriate materials to arrest bed bug activity and adhere to all safety instructions regarding the application of these materials.

If you have questions and want to speak to someone about your bed bug infestation, connect with us through our contact page for assistance. We look forward to helping you find the right solution to your bed bug problem.

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A Dependable Solution For Bed Bugs In Dover

Bed bug control is a scientific process. Our IPM-trained professionals use field-tested methods and the most trusted products to get the best results every time. While each bed bug treatment is unique, here's what you can expect when you contact Dependable Pest Solutions for treatment.

  • We start by providing you with a preparation worksheet that guides you in getting ready for success. There are many ways bed bugs elude treatments that you can easily avoid with a little prep work. We take the mystery out of dealing with bed bugs.
  • Your pest management professional will arrive on site and perform a professional inspection to locate areas of infestation and track your problem. Our experts know where bed bugs hide and what warning signs these insects provide. 
  • Next, we develop a treatment plan based on the findings of your inspection, and your pest professional will work closely with you and listen to any concerns you may have.
  • We ask that you and your pets leave the home during the treatment. The time away may be between one and eight hours, depending on the level of infestation. 
  • The treatment may include a liquid application, dusting, and fogging. We apply a liquid application to target areas where we find evidence of bed bug habitation. Dusting will address bed bugs hiding in wall voids, outlets, cracks, and crevices. We use fogging in infested zones which leaves a residual that provides continued elimination of bed bugs after the treatment.
  • We treat single rooms if possible and offer full treatments as necessary.
  • We typically treat three times, one treatment each week. For larger infestations, you may need more treatments. Bed bug control isn't an overnight fix. These pests are incredibly elusive. We work on the problem until there is no problem left.

If you need a bed bug pest control service for your home or business, you'll get dependable service and smart solutions when you choose Dependable Pest Solutions. Our pest management professionals have the training and experience to find these sneaky insects and the professionalism to apply an appropriate level of treatment until no bugs remain.

We Help From Start To Finish

You won't get false promises with Dependable Pest Solutions, only results. When you need local pest control in Dover for bed bugs, we have the solution. Let our friendly and knowledgeable team guide you through the process. We'll begin with a free inspection, walk you through your options, guide you toward a treatment plan that is right for you, and apply your treatments systematically until the bugs are gone. Navigate to our contact page and tell us about your bed bug issue, or call us. We're here to help!

"Dependable Pest Solutions has been reliable, professional and fairly priced. Brought them in for rodent extermination  and have since signed up for monthly services. They always give me advance notice of when the technician will be out and the tech checks in (if I’m home) to see if we’ve noticed activity in any new places on our property. Would recommend them 100%."

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