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Pest-Proof Pantries: A Guide To Deterring Unwanted Guests In Dover

indian meal moth close up

Pantry pests are any creatures that infest stored foods in your home and most commonly target flour, cereal, and other dried goods. In addition to infesting boxes in your pantry, these animals might gather around pots, pans, and dishes. They don’t bite or sting, and the damage they cause is limited to food.

While they don’t damage buildings and typically stay in your kitchen, pantry pests can contaminate items, resulting in the need for costly replacements and pantry pest control in Dover. Read on to learn more about these annoying pests and how to keep them out of your home.

Identifying Common Pantry Pests

Dover is home to numerous creatures that infest pantries for food and shelter. They require different treatment methods to eliminate, so pantry pest identification is essential. Fortunately, these intruders also have unique characteristics, enabling residents to determine which species are in their kitchens. The most common pantry pests in Dover homes include:

  • Indian meal moths are gray and reddish brown, and parts of their wings and head have a coppery sheen.
  • Sawtoothed grain beetles are reddish-brown with six projections on each side.
  • Rice weevils are reddish-brown to black with four light yellow or reddish spots on their forewings.
  • German cockroaches are light brown to tan, oval, and have two dark stripes on their backs.

Where you see these common pantry pests depends on the species. While Indian meal moths are often spotted flying around kitchens, beetles, weevils, and cockroaches are usually on counters or in pantries.

Why Are Cockroaches Prone To Invading Pantries In Dover?

Cockroaches are disturbing pests to find around your Dover home. They live in unsanitary conditions and carry potentially dangerous pathogens on their bodies. They leave these pathogens anywhere they crawl, making them a health threat to residents.

These pests invade homes for food, water, and shelter. They’ll eat almost anything, including what people eat, and prefer dark and moist spaces to nest. While most pantries are dry, they provide darkness and plenty of food. As a result, they’re a popular destination for these troublesome insects. Once they enter your house, professional cockroach removal is the best way to protect your health from these pests.

Pantry Maintenance 101: Regular Cleaning To Keep Pests At Bay

Pantry pests invade your kitchen for food, so eliminating these sources can help to prevent infestations. Many people don’t think about the cleanliness of their panties, enabling crumbs to fill the corners and crevices of these spaces. Cleaning these areas will keep your food safe from potentially destructive guests.

In addition to crumbs, previously infested foods can attract these pests, so removing these attractants can keep them out of your home. Regular cleaning tips for pantry pest control in Dover include:

  • Wash old containers before refilling them.
  • Clean your food storage spaces regularly.
  • Dispose of food with signs of an infestation.
  • Vacuum the corners of your cupboards.

Pantry pests can spread from package to package after infesting your home. For this reason, inspecting your entire pantry when you find these intruders is essential.

Educate And Empower: Spreading Awareness For Long-Term Pest Prevention

Dover buildings provide the food, water, and shelter that kitchen pantry pests seek, so they’ll continue invading if these sources are available. They can cause damage and spread illnesses, threatening your health and safety. Rather than constantly attempting to remove these intruders, residents should know how to keep them away.

Our pest management professionals at Dependable Pest Solutions can eliminate pantry pests and other creatures from your home. In addition to solving your pest problem, we’ll educate you on what attracted them and how to prevent future issues. Call us to keep pests from causing problems in your Dover home.