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How To Get Rid Of Rats: Tips For Effective Rodent Control For Dover Properties

pack rat with young

Rats are highly capable pests that can survive in even the toughest conditions. Not only can they survive for weeks without food or water, but they also reproduce incredibly quickly and take over spaces with ease.

Rat control in Dover is critical if you want to protect your home. However, this is usually easier said than done, especially when it comes to established infestations. 

Thankfully, you can trust the team at Protector Pest Solutions for effective Dover rat control treatments. We’ve helped hundreds of locals protect their properties – and we want you to be next on our list.

So, how do we get rid of rats in Dover? And what prevention techniques do we recommend?

Let’s start at the beginning. 

Understanding Rat Behavior: Insights For Effective Rat Control

Rats are nocturnal pests by nature and don’t like to be disturbed. They are also highly avoidant pests, which means they like to situate their nests in quiet, out-of-the-way places. You’re not likely to see a rat infestation active during the day.

Rats, by nature, love exploring and examining every nook and cranny in their environment. They prefer to nest near places with plenty of food, water, and shelter, which makes your home a perfect target. 

Since rats are communal and like to live in large groups, there’s no such thing as just ‘one little rat’ in your home. These infestations can seem to come out of nowhere and grow large extremely quickly. Once these pests move into your home, they won’t go away on their own. 

Rats know a good thing when they find it and may refuse to leave your home until you make them. And unless you figure out how to get rid of rats quickly, you may be exposed to all sorts of diseases.

Rat-Borne Diseases: Common Illnesses Transmitted By Rats

Rats can live in all sorts of places, including garbage piles, sewers, and even carcasses. This means they can pick up infectious pathogens – and then track them all over your house. 

Here are some of the most serious diseases associated with rats:

  • Leptospirosis: You may experience muscle aches, vomiting, jaundice, and abdominal pain.
  • Tularemia: This bacterial disease can cause skin ulcers, diarrhea, and pneumonia.
  • Salmonella: Nausea, stomach cramps, and chills are the most common side effects.

As you can see, rat prevention is critical if you want to avoid rat-borne diseases. But if you’re already struggling with an infestation, you need professional rat control right away.

Call The Rat Control Experts: Ensuring Safe And Effective Elimination

Rodent control solutions from Protector Pest Solutions can alleviate any rat problem. Whether you’re dealing with a long-term infestation or struggling to get rid of a surprise invasion, you can trust our team of veteran pest specialists to remove them from your house.

First, we inspect your surrounding property to get a better idea of what we’re up against. Then, we apply the right treatments and follow-ups to remove every last rodent from your home.

Want more details? Let’s talk. Call us today to request an inspection.

Rat Prevention: Simple Measures To Keep Rats Out

If you don’t currently have a rat infestation, you can always start with prevention. Here are some ways to decrease your chances of having to deal with rats in your home:

  • Seal garbage: Wash out the insides of bins as well for added protection.
  • Eliminate clutter: Removing clutter from your yard decreases rat nesting opportunities.
  • Seal your home: Use waterproof caulk to keep rodents outside your home.

If rats still appear around your Dover home, call Protector Pest Solutions for help. We know how to get rid of rat infestations so you and your family can rest.