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What To Do About Stink Bugs Around Your Dover Property

stink bug on orange leaf

If you've been noticing an influx of small, brown bugs around your Dover property, they could be stink bugs. These pests can be a real nuisance, causing damage to your home and garden and attracting other unwanted insects. Dependable Pest Solutions will discuss everything you need to know about stink bug control in Dover, including how to identify them, the problems they cause, and how to get rid of them for good with professional pest control in Dover.

How To Identify A Stink Bug

Stink bugs in Dover are so named because of the unpleasant odor they emit when crushed or disturbed. These pests are about half an inch to 3/4 of an inch long and have a dark brown or black shell. Another way to identify stink bugs is by their feeding habits. These pests pierce plant leaves and stems with their long mouthparts to suck out the sap. This feeding can cause damage to your plants, leaving them discolored or withered. You may also notice small, black spots on your plants where stink bugs have been feeding.

If you suspect you have a stink bug problem on your property, the best way to confirm is to contact a Dover pest control company like Dependable Pest Solutions.

Why You Don't Want Stink Bugs Hanging Around Your Home

You may know stink bugs are a nuisance, but you may not know the full extent of the problems a stink bug invasion can cause in your home and garden:

  • Plant damage: Stink bugs feed on plant sap, which can damage or kill your plants. Stink bug damage may appear as wilting, staining, or small black spots on your plant leaves.
  • Pest attraction: Stink bugs emit a foul odor when they're crushed or disturbed. This odor can attract other unwanted pests to your property, including ants, beetles, and cockroaches.
  • Home infestation: Stink bugs are attracted to warm places, which means they may try to enter your home through cracks and crevices in search of a place to overwinter. Once inside, they can be difficult to get rid of.

Stink bugs don't belong anywhere near your home or garden. Dependable Pest Solutions can help you get rid of stink bugs in Dover with our professional pest control services.

Factors That Attract Stink Bugs To Your Home

A good way to prevent a stink bug infestation is to know what attracts them to your property in the first place. Some common stink bug attractants include:

  • Overripe fruit: Stink bugs are attracted to overripe or decomposing fruit, so be sure to clean up any fallen fruit from your trees and bushes regularly.
  • Standing water: Stink bugs are also attracted to standing water, so make sure to empty any outdoor fountains or birdbaths on your property.
  • Weeds: Weeds are another common attractant for stink bugs, so keep your garden free of them.
  • Openings: Stink bugs will enter your home through any cracks or gaps they can find. Be sure to check around doors, windows, and screens for holes or tears.
  • Light: Stink bugs are attracted to light, so they may enter your home if you leave doors or windows open. 

If you eliminate these attractants from your property, you'll be less likely to have a problem with stink bugs.

The Best Way To Eliminate A Stink Bug Infestation

The best way to deal with a stink bug infestation in Dover is to contact Dependable Pest Solutions. We'll perform a free inspection to identify the problem and develop a customized treatment plan to get rid of stink bugs on your property for good. Our experienced home pest management professionals use the latest technology and equipment to eliminate stink bugs for good. Contact us today to learn more.