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How To Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Apartment Building

a cockroach up close

There’s nothing worse than opening a pantry door or turning on a kitchen light only to find a sickening brown cockroach scurry away toward some dark hidey-hole. Cockroaches are abominable pests. They spread disease and can carry worms. With every step a roach takes, it contaminates the surfaces of your home. Roaches can even make allergies and asthma worse by simply hanging around your house.

A roach infestation that has made its way into a multi-unit building can be particularly onerous to remove. However, it’s not impossible. If you’re a property owner considering cockroach treatment in your apartment building in Rochester, NH, here are some tips to get going.

Prevention Is The Best Bet

You’re likely aware of the reputation that cockroaches have for being tough to kill. The old joke goes that when a nuclear bomb falls, the only thing left will be cinders and roaches. That is a little exaggerated, of course, but it does underscore the importance of removing the temptation for cockroaches to enter your building in the first place.

Encourage your tenants to clean up spills immediately and avoid letting dirty dishes pile up. You can also discourage roaches from entering by making sure garbage is kept in secure dumpsters and removed on a regular basis.

Enlist The Help Of A Professional

If you have a full-time building maintenance technician on your staff, it may be tempting to put any cockroach treatment in your apartment buildings in Rochester, NH, in their hands. That could be a mistake, though. For starters, your on-staff tech will likely not have the expertise required to completely eradicate the cockroach infestation.

A professional pest control expert has the tools and knowledge required to get the job done correctly. They also come with guarantees of quality work that your on-staff technician can’t match. As a result, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you’ll have a backup plan already in place.

Use A Multi-stage Assault

A professional will likely begin their task by inspecting your building. From there, the best bet is to use more than one type of treatment to ensure that your cockroach infestation is eradicated. A combination of dusts and sprays can be used throughout your multi-unit building to ensure that cockroaches are exterminated wherever they are holed up.

Keep It Dependable

If you’re looking for an effective cockroach treatment for your apartment buildings in Rochester, NH, then turn to Dependable Pest Solutions. Whether you’re a property owner with an infestation on your hands or a homeowner hoping to keep the bugs at bay, we can help.

Our highly-skilled team of home pest control experts has more than a decade of experience eliminating issues caused by ants, termites, roaches, mice, bed bugs, rats, bats, and so much more. If it shouldn’t be in your home, the odds are good that we can help you get rid of it.

When you need fast, reliable, and safe pest elimination in Rochester, come to Dependable Pest Solutions. Visit us online or give us a call today—you won’t regret it!