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Cockroach Control In Dover, NH & Surrounding Areas

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Are Cockroaches Really As Bad As You've Heard?

When you see signs of a cockroach infestation, it can put you on edge. But how bad are roaches? Our onsite entomologist encourages residents and business owners not to underestimate them, both in their ability to avoid treatments and in their ability to cause sickness. Cockroaches are robust insects with a physiology capable of adaptation. They alter their taste receptors to reject bait and their skins to protect them from harmful materials. As a disease concern, the primary issue with cockroaches is that they are unsanitary pests. They're attracted to dirty environments, and they feed on filthy things. It is best not to have roaches in your Dover home or business, but getting rid of them and keeping them out isn't easy. You need dependable pest solutions in Dover, and we can help you find one!

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A Dependable Solution For Dover Cockroaches

The cockroach species we see most in Dover and surrounding areas are German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroaches, American cockroaches, and wood cockroaches. Each is somewhat different. Brown-banded and German cockroaches are house roaches. They prefer to live exclusively indoors. American cockroaches often go in and out of structures because they have a higher moisture requirement and enjoy moist outdoor environments. However, during the winter, they'll remain indoors exclusively. Wood cockroaches are outdoor roaches. If you have these insects getting into your Dover home, you likely have a woodpile, dead branches, construction materials, leaves, and other natural materials near your exterior walls. Moving these away from your exterior and sealing potential entry points may work to keep those daytime roaches out. The other three nighttime cockroaches require more effort. We offer a solution you can count on.

  • An inspection is needed to evaluate your cockroach issue. Your pest management professional will look for signs of activity, active cockroaches, conducive conditions, entry points, potential routes, and other factors relating to your cockroach infestation. We will then consider an effective strategy to get rid of them.
  • We apply exclusion work to address common entry points and create a physical barrier that helps to prevent continued entry.
  • We apply a multi-pronged treatment strategy that may include spraying, fogging, baiting, dusting, glue boards, and more. We use products and materials as required to provide unique control where needed. Some are used to monitor activity and ensure the success of the treatment. 
  • We follow up every two weeks or monthly until we no longer detect any cockroach activity.

Only experienced pest management professionals apply the treatment options we offer. We follow all safety protocols and apply materials in appropriate areas. For example, we insert dust applications into outlets, voids, and joists. Your pest management professional can properly identify the cockroaches in your home, select appropriate baits, and apply them so roaches won't avoid them. And, since our strategy does not rely on one cockroach control product or one method, we get great results. We also alter treatments if needed and ensure a successful treatment every time.

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To Roaches?

It is simple to get started. Navigate to our contact page and tell us about your roach issue. Whether you're currently dealing with cockroaches or you hope you'll never have to deal with cockroaches, we have the solution. Dependable Pest Solutions is the right choice, with experienced and professional home pest control services backed by a knowledgeable staff and our on-staff entomologist. It is our goal to help you find the right pest control solution for your specific pest issue, and we can help you fit your service into your budget. Connect with us today. We're here to help!

"Dependable Pest Solutions has been reliable, professional and fairly priced. Brought them in for rodent extermination  and have since signed up for monthly services. They always give me advance notice of when the technician will be out and the tech checks in (if I’m home) to see if we’ve noticed activity in any new places on our property. Would recommend them 100%."

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