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What are bats?

Bats are the world's only flying mammals. They run the gamut from teeny tiny pygmy bats to massive flying foxes with wingspans as big as some people's arm spreads. Bats can eat just about anything. Though most bats eat insects, some bats eat fruits, and a couple of species even feed on blood.

Two of the most common bat species we find roosting in our New Hampshire homes are the little brown bat and the big brown bat. As their names suggest, their size is the main differentiator between them. Big brown bats are more than twice the size of little brown bats. They are also generally lighter in color and have longer, thicker coats. Like most bats, both these species feed on insects.

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Are bats dangerous?

Most bats are not aggressive and like to keep away from people, so you would think they wouldn't be a threat to us. However, even the smallest, cutest bat can be dangerous because of the diseases it can spread. All bats can expose you to a bunch of different diseases.

Rabies is the chief among the diseases spread by bats because bats are often the number one or number two vector of this deadly virus in the entire United States. Bats also spread a dangerous fungal disease known as histoplasmosis because accumulated bat guano encourages the growth of the fungus. Bats also carry ticks and fleas on their bodies that can transmit their own diseases, making bat control vital for your health.

Why do I have a bat problem?

Most of the time, you may wind up with a bat problem because you have a nice, easy place for them to roost. Bats love to roost in attics, so if you have an attic with easy access, you are more likely to develop a bat problem, and you'll need to figure out how to control bats in your attic.

If you have a problem with beetles, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects, you may also end up attracting bats to your property. Keeping them away depends on eliminating their food sources and shelter.

Where will I find bats?

Bats cannot easily navigate on the ground. You will likely never find them roosting in places close to the ground. They prefer to roost in high areas, such as attics, roof beams inside garages and sheds, under overhangs, and anywhere else sheltered and easy to access by flying.

How do I get rid of bats?

If you already have an existing bat problem, do not try to eliminate it yourself. Trying to do your own Dover pest control for bats can end very badly; it may result in histoplasmosis or even needing a round of rabies shots after a bite. Even if a bat is only defending itself always means you'll need rabies shots after a bat bite.

The best thing you can do is to rely on the bat control specialists here at Dependable Pest Solutions. Our bat control experts can safely and effectively remove bats from your property without putting themselves or you at risk of disease exposure. So don't risk your health and well-being; contact our experts to solve your bat problem.

How can I prevent bats in the future?

The best way to control bats in Dover is to prevent bat infestations before they start. To do this, follow a few easy steps:

  • Control insect populations that may attract bats. 
  • Seal attic exterior doors and windows.
  • Block any legitimate openings, such as ventilation and condensation holes, with bat control products like wire mesh or hinged covers.

Don't forget that if your bat control methods fail, we've got your back here at Dependable Pest Solutions. Don't risk rabies and histoplasmosis exposure for another day when you can call us and live a bat-free life.

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