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Termite Control In Dover, NH & Surrounding Areas

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Catch Sneaky Termites In The Act

Termites in Dover are sneaky pests. They create nests in the ground and enter structural wood without showing themselves above ground, if possible. When they find a route into your home or business, they can silently feed on your property for years, right under your nose. But, you can avoid termite damage by finding a dependable termite control solution to keep those termites out. Call Dependable Pest Solutions for guidance in selecting the right services for you. We use the most trusted termite control products to detect sneaky termites and eliminate termite colonies.

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How We Detect & Control Termites

How sneaky are termites? Dover termites are subterranean termites. If these insects find structural wood that enters the ground, they can feed on it and tunnel into your structure. If they cannot locate direct access to wood, that won't stop them. They'll create shelter tubes to go from ground soil to structural wood. While termites sometimes create these mud structures in areas that are easy to inspect, most of the time, they are not. They hide their mud tubes because worker termites have a strong aversion to light. They don't even like to come out into the moonlight. Therefore, they'll create their tubes in crawl spaces, under decks, landscaping, and other hiding places.

We offer two ways to give you peace of mind. If you are buying or purchasing property, we can inspect the property and create a wood-destroying organism report to inform you of any active termites detected, signs of termite damage, and conducive conditions found. For ongoing termite detection on your property, we can install a termite bait solution to detect termite activity. Termite bait works well for detection because it is easy to see when termites take the bait. Your pest management professional will check the bait station on your property for termite workers, soldiers, or missing bait. When we see any activity, we will inform you. You won't have to wonder if termites are secretly damaging your property.

Termite bait provides a level of control for termites as the bait is brought back to attacking colonies by the workers. The active ingredient in the termite bait is shared throughout the colony by a process called trophallaxis and may lead to colony elimination. But the tried-and-true method for termite control is termiticide. We use Termidor, the number one name in professional termite control. Termidor is undetectable to termites, so they cannot avoid treated zones. When they pass through treated soil, the workers pick up the active ingredient and share it with the other termites when they groom each other. The product moves through the colony and leads to its elimination. The primary benefit of termiticide treatments is that liquid termiticide creates a complete barrier all the way around your property. Your home pest control professional will trench and drill as needed and apply your termite barrier completely, so termites can't find a way through your termite defense. Termidor can also be installed in the ground before new construction to provide long-lasting protection against termite damage.

Get Started With Professional Termite Protection

We don't think about termites all that much in Dover, but that doesn't mean they aren't a threat. These insects are not impacted by cold New Hampshire winters because their nests are below the frost line. When temperatures warm up, they get busy doing what termites do. Let Dependable Pest Solutions install two levels of protection to keep termites from eating into your equity. The combination of Termidor treatments and the installation of termite bait stations is the best way to prevent a termite problem and keep termites out for good. Navigate to our contact page and connect with us today to learn more or schedule a service visit, or we can give you a free quote over the phone. When you want a dependable pest control solution in Dover, Dependable Pest Solutions is the right choice.

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