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Pest Control In Lebanon, ME

Lebanon is a small town on the southern tip of Maine. It was incorporated in 1767, becoming Maine’s 23rd town. It's near Bear Brook State Park, providing some of the most scenic views in the region. These features make Lebanon a great small town in one of America’s original colonies.

Southern Maine provides residents with gorgeous views and nature experiences, but these attributes can cause trouble. Local pests invade properties when they can’t find food or water in their natural environment, causing headaches for locals. Lebanon pest control professionals can eliminate these headaches.

Dependable Pest Solutions provides the best pest control for Lebanon residents. Our pest management professionals know the local pests and will eliminate infestations on your property.

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Residential Pest Control In Lebanon

Southern Maine has many undeveloped areas, enabling residents to experience natural surroundings and native animals. These factors draw many people but also attract pests. Various creatures can damage your home and spread illnesses to your family, making quality residential pest control in Lebanon essential.

Dependable Pest Solutions serves over 1,000 homes in York County. We start with a free inspection to find the pests in your house and the extent of your problem. Our search includes the perimeter and up to your roof. We’ll treat the interior and exterior of your home and will return within 30 days to ensure success.

We also offer quarterly, biannual, and annual recurring services to keep pests away from your house. Call us today to discover how we can protect your home from Lebanon pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Lebanon

The appearance and safety of your business are as important as the quality of the products you provide. Lebanon pests can create unsanitary environments and make people sick. They squeeze through tiny entry points and cause damage or contaminate products while your building is empty. Commercial pest control services in Lebanon can protect your building from these issues.

At Dependable Pest Solutions, our service begins with a free inspection of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and the exterior for signs of pests and entry points. We can treat the inside and outside of your facility, setting traps and spraying to eliminate infestations. Our monthly recurring services enable us to continue treating your facility to keep your business pest-free.

Pests can cause significant problems for your business if you don’t treat them quickly. Our team at Dependable Pest Solutions has the tools to protect your facility from these creatures. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial services in Lebanon.

Remove Factors That Attract Nuisance Wildlife In Lebanon

The beautiful landscape that makes York County a great place to live and work also attracts wild animals to nearby residences. The most common reason these creatures invade properties is for food, water, and shelter. Many of these pests carry diseases and spread them on surfaces or when they bite.

Knowing what attracts wild animals and how to remove them will help you avoid an infestation. Some tips to keep wildlife off your property include:

  • Cover garbage cans.
  • Seal your food in containers.
  • Clean up spills.
  • Repair leaks.
  • Move pet food inside.

In addition to removing attractants, closing any cracks or gaps in your exterior can keep these animals away. Unfortunately, some still might decide to invade your property. For this reason, Dependable Pest Solutions offers professional wildlife control in Lebanon.

Our pest management technicians will inspect your property to find signs of pests and determine what’s attracting them. We install one-way doors, live traps, and other exclusion devices to remove these pests. We’ll return to set bait and possibly retrap if any animals remain.

Wild animals can cause extensive damage and spread illnesses when they invade Lebanon properties. Give us a call if you see wild animals around your home or business.

The Key To Total Rodent Control For Lebanon Properties

Southern Maine has heavily-wooded areas, attracting various animals to local communities. Rodents are common and can be the most dangerous, carrying diseases and damaging your structure.

Pest control professionals can eliminate rodent infestations, but they’ll likely cause damage before you recognize their presence. Fortunately, you can avoid these problems by taking preventative steps to keep these pests off your property.

Some tips to keep rodents away include:

  • Remove woodpiles and debris from your structure.
  • Close gaps in your exterior.
  • Wipe up spills.
  • Keep food in sealed containers.
  • Dispose of trash regularly.

If rodents still get onto your property, the Lebanon rodent control experts at Dependable Pest Control are here to help. We’ll find the pests and discover how they got inside. Our treatment methods include baiting, trapping, and tracking to eliminate rodents, and we’ll follow up to ensure they’re gone.

Preventing rodents from getting onto your property is the best way to avoid damage, but our pest management professionals are nearby if they do. Call us if you see rodents on your Lebanon property.

"I would highly recommend Dependable Pest Solutions. We’ve had issues with ants on our vacation property. They come right out and take care of the problem. Their communication and follow up Is great. We now have them treat our property regularly as a preventive measure"

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