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Pest Control In New Market, NH

Rockingham County is home to a number of hidden gems, including the town of New Market. This growing village serves as a bedroom community for the students and staff of the University of New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, New Market is also a bedroom community for pests – bed bugs, roaches, and wildlife species are increasingly common here. Home and business owners report serious infestations, some of which result in damaged property or serious health effects.

With Dependable Pest Solutions by your side, there's no reason to stress about pest control in New Market. Our experienced technicians serve in a variety of roles to ensure long-lasting defense for both you and your property.

Need assistance with residential pest control? We offer custom plans depending on your needs. Want additional support for commercial pest management? You can contact our team to provide white glove services. Whether you need emergency services or same-day treatments, you can trust our team to jump into action.

To request a pest control estimate for your New Market property, we invite you to submit an online contact form.

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Residential Pest Control In New Market

Trying to manage residential pest control alone can be frustrating, stressful, and downright overwhelming. Partnering with professionals like Dependable Pest Solutions ensures the best possible outcome from any targeted effort.

The first step is to learn more about your home and evaluate the pest threats that may be around your property. Once we perform a thorough inspection, we can offer no-obligation estimates to provide total transparency.

We then proceed with home pest control in New Market on a regularly scheduled basis. This includes interior and exterior treatments, so you don't have to worry about something falling through the cracks.

Confidence is only a click away. You can set your home up for success by calling Dependable Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In New Market

If you own or operate a business in New Market, Dependable Pest Solutions can make it pest-free. We offer comprehensive services and custom-built plans for campgrounds, restaurants, office spaces, and more.

Our scheduled pest control services target common and uncommon invaders like ants, spiders, and earwigs. You can also request specialty pest control services for carpenter ants, termites, rodents, and more.

With same-day and emergency commercial pest control services in New Market, you can count on our team to make an immediate difference. Learn more about the plans available to you by calling our team of experts today.

Bed Bug Control Tips For New Market Homeowners

Bed bugs can invade virtually any New Market home. What happens after you acquire an infestation, and what do you need to get them back out?

First, you must understand that active bed bug infestations don't respond well to DIY treatments. Home remedies like vinegar sprays or essential oils may even result in the infestation getting worse.

You also can't rely on over-the-counter bed bug treatments to completely remove the infestation. Many OTC products contain dangerous ingredients that may be harmful to humans in concentrated doses. 

The best course of action is to contact Dependable Pest Solutions for quality bed bug control in New Market. Here are some tips for getting the best possible outcome with our team of professional bed bug exterminators:

  • Do: Contact professional pest control experts at the earliest sign of a bed bug problem.

  • Don't: Try to wait for bed bugs to go away on their own.

  • Do: Follow the suggestions outlined by your pest control technician.

  • Don't: Ignore the preparation worksheet or cut corners while preparing your home.

  • Do: Plan ahead to leave your home for one to eight hours during treatment.

  • Don't: Expect an overnight fix – expect at least three product applications.

For additional guidance before your bed bug treatment (or for more information regarding our bed bug services), don't hesitate to contact Dependable Pest Solutions by submitting an online contact form.

The Best Method To Total Cockroach Control In New Market

There's a big difference between general cockroach control and total cockroach control. While the former only looks at active infestations, the latter considers both treatment and prevention.

Dependable Pest Solutions offers total cockroach control to keep your home or business well-defended. We've trained our cockroach exterminators on all best practices, so you never have to worry about recurring infestations.

We rely on a three-step process to help you get started:

  1. First, we inspect your New Market home for cockroach activity and communicate our findings before we get started.

  2. Next, we apply effective treatments around your property (including glue traps, bait, fogging, and more).

  3. Finally, we follow up with additional roach treatment efforts and provide a pest guarantee to ensure the removal of infestations.

Read to learn more? Secure your place on our cockroach treatment roster by contacting Dependable Pest Solutions today.

"I would highly recommend Dependable Pest Solutions. We’ve had issues with ants on our vacation property. They come right out and take care of the problem. Their communication and follow up Is great. We now have them treat our property regularly as a preventive measure"

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