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Pest Control In Berwick, ME

With over 300 years of history as a small New England town, Berwick, Maine, has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. A safe and welcoming place to live, with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation no matter the season, Berwick also champions small businesses, making it a wonderful place for you to establish the career you’ve been dreaming of.

Like all Maine towns, Berwick experiences four distinct and beautiful seasons, each offering its own benefits and challenges. One of those challenges is the ever-changing pest pressures on Berwick properties. From stinging pests in the summer to stink bugs in the fall and rodents in the winter to flies in the spring, pests are always trying to get into buildings or make being outside unpleasant. 

Luckily, when pests do their worst, Dependable Pest Solutions is ready to do its best. We provide pest control in Berwick that offers experienced and reliable services to eliminate pest problems in homes and businesses. With an on-site entomologist, over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, and a commitment to working with integrity, we are Berwick’s best choice for pest control.

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Residential Pest Control In Berwick

With our cold, snowy winters and humid summer days that give way to cooler evenings, Maine provides a climate that appeals to a variety of pest species. Although the pests you might find yourself dealing with in the spring will be different from the ones that try to get into your house in the fall, one thing remains the same; home pest control is a good investment if you want to protect your house and family from the problems that pests cause.

Dependable Pest Solutions best delivers quality residential pest control in Berwick. We use proven pest management strategies to get to the root of your pest problems and ensure they don’t return. Your family’s safety is our greatest concern, which is why we use methods that allows us to use fewer products while providing the effective results you expect. For complete pest protection, Dependable Pest Solutions is the right choice for your Berwick home.

Commercial Pest Control In Berwick

Quality commercial pest control shouldn’t be hard to come by, but sometimes it can feel like it is. You need your business to remain pest-free, but you don’t want to hire a pest control company that treats your small business the same way it treats the huge company across town or vice versa. Your business has unique needs, and your pest control company should take the time necessary to understand and address those needs in a way customized to your business.

Dependable Pest Solutions provides customized pest control plans for Berwick businesses using safe, reliable, and guaranteed methods. With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, our pest management professionals are well-equipped to handle your commercial pest control needs. We even have a certified entomologist on staff to address any questions or concerns you may have about the pests on your property. With Dependable Pest Solutions, you can be sure you’re getting the reliable pest control your business deserves.

Combating Common Cockroaches In Berwick Homes

You may think of cockroaches as more of a problem in southern states, but the truth is that cockroaches are active in Berwick too. Unfortunately, these pests are one of the most dangerous to have in your house due to the many health problems they can cause your family. Cockroaches can spread over 30 types of disease-causing bacteria, not to mention the many other pathogens they can leave on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Ending up with cockroaches in your house is a surefire way to end up with sick family members.

Thankfully, if you find cockroaches in your house, there is a solution. Although do-it-yourself cockroach control is ineffective at eliminating a cockroach infestation, the professional cockroach remedy you need is available from Dependable Pest Solutions. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to stop, but our thorough cockroach control service is effective at ridding your home of every last roach. Don’t wait for your roach problem to worsen. At the first sign of an infestation, contact Dependable Pest Solutions.

Carpenter Ants Damage Homes In Berwick

Carpenter ants are a common ant species in Maine. These ants are easy to recognize due to their large size. Sometimes you’ll also see them sporting wings. Although it’s tempting to dismiss these pests as just another harmless ant species, if you see them in or around your Berwick home, there is cause for concern. Carpenter ants in Berwick are not harmless but can do substantial damage to your home. Although they don’t eat wood, they do chew through it to create tunnels for their colony. Over time, these tunnels weaken the integrity of the wood they inhabit. If that wood is holding up your home, the damage can compromise the safety of your house.

If they infest your house, you must get rid of carpenter ants as quickly and completely as possible. Dependable Pest Solutions offers carpenter ant control solutions to Berwick homes. Our treatments will rid your home of carpenter ants so they can no longer destroy your house from the inside out. Contact us to request your carpenter ant control service today.

"I would highly recommend Dependable Pest Solutions. We’ve had issues with ants on our vacation property. They come right out and take care of the problem. Their communication and follow up Is great. We now have them treat our property regularly as a preventive measure"

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