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Friendly Pest Control In York, ME

York is a coastal Maine town between Boston and Portland. Mount Agamenticus features several trails for biking and hiking, and York Beach provides residents with shopping, dining, and beach-related activities. York Street runs along the Atlantic coast, offering residents and visitors restaurants, hotels, and homes with beautiful oceanfront views.

This unique town has beachside and mountain landscapes, providing different types of pests with natural habitats. Homes and businesses are also in these areas, so animals can invade properties when they need food, water, or shelter. These intruders can cause structural issues and present health threats, making them potentially devastating guests.

When residents and businesses need York, ME, pest control professionals, Dependable Pest Solutions is nearby. We'll discover the problems on your property and develop an effective plan to protect you.

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Residential Pest Control In York

Many New England towns offer beachfront or mountain properties, but York provides both. This aspect of the community makes it a popular place to live but also invites unwanted visitors to homes. Pests can invade your residence unnoticed, causing damage and spreading illnesses in hidden areas.

Fortunately, Dependable Pest Solutions provides home pest control in York, ME. Our pest management professionals will start by looking around your exterior to discover potential entry points and vulnerabilities. We use an effective spray inside and outside of your house to eliminate pests and create a barrier to keep others out.

We take pride in our dependability, so we follow up a month after our initial service to reinspect and treat your home if necessary. Call us to ensure your home is safe from troublesome pests.

Commercial Pest Control In York

Whether you're located on the oceanfront or further inland, commercial properties in York are surrounded by grass, trees, and bushes. These features provide a relaxed environment for customers but serve as homes for various animals. They invade facilities for food and shelter, impacting your production and the health of people in your facility.

Dependable Pest Solutions provides expert commercial pest control in York, ME, to handle these problems. We know where these intruders hide and will search these areas to find and remove them. We'll set up rat boxes, glue boards, fly lights, and pheromone traps to attract and eliminate rodents, flies, and other pests.

Commercial facilities are attractive to pests, so year-round protection is essential for every business. We offer monthly services to check your traps and treat any problems between visits. Give us a call to keep pests from threatening your York facility.

Help! Cockroaches Are Taking Over My York Home!

Cockroaches typically live outside but invade York homes for food and water. They're nocturnal pests, hiding during the day and appearing at night when they spread potentially dangerous pathogens on surfaces. If you see these creatures during the day, overcrowding has probably forced them out into the open. As a result, their appearance indicates a severe infestation.

These insects live in unsanitary environments, carrying pathogens into homes on their bodies. They spread them around at night, and residents pick them up in the morning. Some of the illnesses cockroaches can transmit to York residents include:

  • Typhoid fever

  • Cholera

  • Gastroenteritis

  • E. coli infection

Our York cockroach pest control services at Dependable Pest Solutions will protect you from the most common species in York. We can take care of wood cockroaches the same day as our inspection but schedule future service for other species. Our treatments include spraying, fogging, baiting, or dusting, and we use glue boards to monitor activity.

We recommend recurring services every two weeks or monthly to keep your home free of these health risks. Let us know if you see cockroaches around your York property.

Why Professional Wildlife Control Is Especially Important In York

York's landscape makes the area ideal for wild animals. These creatures reside in the woods but invade homes and businesses for food, water, and shelter. They can damage structures and spread illnesses to people, making them significant threats to York properties.

Protecting your home or business from wild animals is important no matter where you live, making professional wildlife control services essential. But it's even more so in communities like York that provide natural habitats. Some of the problems wild animals cause include:

  • Damaging structures.

  • Spreading illnesses to residents.

  • Digging through your garbage.

  • Contaminating food and beverages.

Dependable Pest Solutions will inspect your exterior to find potential entry points and your attic for signs of an infestation. We'll discuss your problem and develop a treatment plan, which might include one-way doors or live traps. These humane exclusion techniques enable us to solve your problem without harming wildlife.

We'll return two or three days after our initial treatment to provide bait and possibly relocate the traps. Our wildlife exclusion services include a one-year warranty, so we'll return to handle any problems that arise during that time. Contact us to prevent wild animals from causing concerns on your York property.

"Dependable Pest Solutions has been reliable, professional and fairly priced. Brought them in for rodent extermination  and have since signed up for monthly services. They always give me advance notice of when the technician will be out and the tech checks in (if I’m home) to see if we’ve noticed activity in any new places on our property. Would recommend them 100%."

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